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  • Who Fixes What? The Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants in Oklahoma

    Things break. Whether through careless action, intentional damage, or simple wear and tear, items in a rental property will eventually go bad. However, if you’re a tenant or a landlord, it’s important to know whose responsibility it is to fix anything that needs to be fixed. There isn’t always just one answer.

    Landlord Responsibilities Oklahoma 

    What Landlords Have to Do

    We’ve all heard the stories - a tenant moves in to a property to find problems like mold, leaky pipes, a heater that doesn’t work, or a roof that drips water onto the bed every time it rains. Nobody wants to be in that kind of situation, and fortunately they shouldn’t have to be. Oklahoma law has specific provisions covering the responsibilities of landlords in the state.

    First and foremost, a landlord must take care of all essential repairs to the property before tenants move in. That includes any repairs to the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, roof, walls, windows, and anything else that could impact a tenant’s quality of life. The rule of thumb is that the property must be “habitable,” meaning a person could be expected to live in the property comfortably and safely.

    If something does break during a tenant’s stay in the property, it’s generally the landlord’s responsibility to fix it, and it’s almost always their responsibility to arrange repairs. Depending on exactly how the broken item broke, the landlord may then charge the tenant for the repairs - each situation is different, so landlords and tenants will need to discuss how the problem occurred when deciding how they will pay.

    That said, landlords are not required to fix every item in a rental property. For instance, landlords don’t legally have to fix items like dripping faucets, small stains on carpets, loud air conditioners, or warped floorboards. These items may not be ideal for tenants, but they don’t directly impact quality of life or tenant safety. Since they pose no direct threat, the landlord isn’t obligated to fix them.

    If something does go wrong in a rental property, or if a landlord suspects there might be something wrong, they also have “right of entry,” meaning they can enter the property after giving tenants notice (usually 24 hours) in order to fix or inspect the rental. They’re also able to enter on shorter notice in emergency situations.

    What Tenants Have to Do

    Just like landlords, tenants are responsible for several things in a rental property. Specifically, tenants are responsible for the regular upkeep and maintenance of the rental property, such as cleaning, maintaining items they use, and fixing anything they break.

    Sometimes it’s not immediately clear who is responsible for a repair. For example, suppose a tenant flushes the toilet, but instead of going down the pipe the water backs up and floods the bathroom. Whose responsibility is the repair? The answer usually depends on the source of the problem. In cases where the issue was caused by the rental home’s existing plumbing or equipment, the landlord will usually take care of the bill. However, if the toilet clogged because the tenant flushed something they shouldn’t have, it will be their job to cover the repair.

    Another common concern among tenants is the security deposit and how it is used. In most cases, the security deposit is there to cover damages to the rental property after the tenant moves out. In Oklahoma, tenants must request the return of their security deposit in writing up to six months after the end of their lease; once the landlord receives their request, they then have 30 days to return the money minus any deductions, along with a written explanation of how much was taken out of the deposit and why.

    A final point to remember is that tenants should submit repair requests and complaints to their landlords in writing (or via email), in order to keep a record of what they requested as well as when and why they requested it. In case any disputes come up down the line, having this written record will help.

    One thing is for sure - it’s never easy to be a landlord. That’s why the team at Elite Real Estate and Leasing does all the work for you. Our Oklahoma City property management services make it easy for anyone to become a landlord - we handle all of the day-to-day work, including tenant screening and selection, repairs, rent collection, and inspections. Contact us today 405-285-2635 to learn more and start renting your Oklahoma City property today.

  • Simple Tips for Winterizing your Oklahoma City Rental House

    Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, it’s important to keep yourself warm and protect your property during Oklahoma’s chilly winter months. However, our mild fall weather and late winters make it easy to forget to winterize your home. Proper home winterization can help you save money on utility bills, avoid damage from ice and cold weather, and be more comfortable. To help you winterize your Oklahoma rental home, here are a few winterization tips.

    Tip 1: Check Your Furnace

    A properly functioning furnace is key for a warm and comfortable winter. Unfortunately, it’s very common for people to forget to perform regular furnace maintenance and make sure it’s functioning at its best.

    If your OKC rental house has been unoccupied for a while, you should first test the furnace to make sure it’s working properly. Set the thermostat for a high temperature to ensure it turns the furnace on, and then wait for it to start pushing out warm air. If it’s running OK, reset the thermostat back to a normal temperature. If it’s not, you can try to figure out the problem yourself or call a furnace technician for service.

    Along with a test run, you should also clean your furnace’s air filter regularly, along with any intake and output vents. That way you can be sure your furnace is getting enough airflow and that it’s able to push warm air into every part of your rental home.

    Tip 2: Check Your Chimney

    If your house has a wood-burning fireplace or furnace with a chimney, you need to be sure the system is ready to use before you start any fires. Fortunately it’s not hard to check if your chimney is in good condition (though repairing it can be expensive).

    First, you’ll need to make sure your chimney is free from obstruction so smoke and ash can get out. Take a flashlight and look up the chimney to see if you can see any debris such as sticks, leaves, or animal nests. If you don’t see any blockages, roll up some newspaper and light it with a lighter, then head outside. If you see smoke coming out of the chimney, you’re good to go.

    If no smoke is coming out of your chimney, it may be dirty and in need of a cleaning. Chimney cleaning logs use chemicals to burn out ash and creosote inside your chimney, but they’re only suitable for chimneys that aren’t really that dirty. If your chimney is fully blocked, you’ll need to call a professional chimney sweep and have them clean your chimney.

    Alternately, if you don’t plan on using the fireplace that much, you can also purchase a chimney balloon to block cold air from entering your home through the chimney. This is simply an inflatable plastic balloon that you lodge in your chimney. They can save you big on your heating bills, though, by preventing cold drafts and keeping the temperature in your home higher. Chimney balloons are available online, as well as at home improvement stores around the city.

    Tip 3: Check Your Plumbing

    One of the biggest dangers during Oklahoma winters are sudden drops in temperature that can freeze your pipes and cut off your water supply. The best way to keep this from happening is to ensure your pipes are properly insulated and prepared for winter weather.

    If you have any pipes running through crawl spaces or that are exposed to winter air, you need to make sure they’re insulated well. Foam insulation will work in a pinch, though fiberglass or specialized pipe insulation is better.

    Also, be sure to shut off your exterior hose faucets and disconnect garden hoses. These are some of the first pipes to freeze in most homes, and if the pipe bursts it can create a nightmare of water damage and repairs.

    Tip 4: Cut Down on Drafts

    Small, cold drafts can come from many places in your Oklahoma rental house. Though they might not seem like much on their own, combined they can sap your home of heat and cost you a lot on your utility bills. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to defeat the drafts.

    It might not be the prettiest solution, but window film - the clear, plastic coating that goes over the inside of your windows - can solve many problem drafts around windows. You can pick up window film at any home improvement store and many big-box retailers as well, and it only takes a few minutes to install.

    Another good draft solution is door seal tape, which you apply to the seal between your doors and the wall. This creates a tighter seal that allows less air to escape when the door is shut. If you have a drafty door, this tape can help solve the problem in an instant.

    Tip 5: Clean your Gutters

    Ice and snow don’t only create problems with frozen pipes and slippery driveways. They can also cause leaks and water damage in your home, especially if you have dirty or clogged gutters. Cleaning your gutters will help reduce any problems with snow or ice buildup and keep your rental home safe from water damage.

    Why are dirty gutters so dangerous? When water pools in your gutters due to a clog, it’s more likely to freeze when the temperature drops. This creates a block of ice in your gutters, which itself takes time to melt. This then slows water flow down further, making it more likely that more water will freeze in the same place. This can eventually create what’s called an ice dam, a blockage of ice that can snap gutters off roofs and peel up shingles, letting water leak into the roofing below.

    These are a few of the best ways to get your Oklahoma rental house ready for the winter months. To learn more about managing or renting a rental home in Oklahoma City, call us today at Elite Real Estate and Leasing. We manage and rent properties across the Oklahoma City metro, and we would love to help you manage your rental house as well. Call us at 405-285-2635 or visit our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for more information.

  • Seven Reasons to Hire an Oklahoma Property Manager in Oklahoma City

    Being a landlord isn’t an easy job. Managing a rental property in Oklahoma City can take a lot of time and effort. You’ll have to care for the property, manage tenants, and keep track of rent, insurance, and other finances. A property management company like Elite Real Estate can make handling a rental property a far smoother and less risky proposition.

    property management okc

    How can a property management company like ours help you with your Oklahoma City rental property? Here are some of the things a property management company can do for you:

    Set Competitive Rental Rates

    It’s easier than it’s ever been for renters to research properties ahead of time and find out information on the rent before sending in a rental application. A property management company performs detailed market research and compares rental rates for similar homes in your area to determine the maximum rental rate for your property without making it too high.

    Screen Tenants

    If you’re renting a property, you want to make sure the people you’re renting to will take care of it and will fulfill all their responsibilities. Having a bad tenant can stress out any landlord. However, with an experienced OKC property management company you can avoid the problem tenants before they ever set foot on your property. In-depth tenant screening helps keep your investment secure and allows you to leave your rental property in good hands.

    Handle Problems on the Property

    No matter how well-maintained your property is, something will probably break eventually. Whether a tenant damages your property; an aging appliance breaks down or a natural occurrence like high wind, hail, or heavy rains causes damage, your property management company will take care of the problem quickly and expertly. There’s no need for you to get involved in the nitty-gritty unless you want to.

    Communicate with Tenants on your behalf

    Even good tenants take time and effort to deal with. If you manage your own property you’ll have to be available 24/7, you’ll have to send out rent statements and reminders on a regular basis, and you’ll have to answer any questions your tenants have every time they have them. On the other hand, a property management company can take all those duties on for you. You can be as involved or un-involved in the management process as you like.

    Keep You on the Right Side of the Law

    New landlords and rental property owners might not be aware of the multitude of local, state, and federal regulations that govern rental properties and landlord duties. Find yourself in violation of them, however, and you’ll quickly learn about the fines and other problems they can create. Working with an experienced property management company will keep you from running into legal issues. It also provides a buffer to protect you against problems with tenants and other issues.

    Collect Rent, Inspect Properties, and Other Day-to-Day Tasks

    As we mentioned before, being a landlord is more than just finding a tenant and handing them the keys. You’ll have a lot of regular responsibilities to take care of including rent collection, property inspection, accounting, maintenance, and other assorted tasks. A property management company can take the vast majority of these responsibilities out of your hands. You’ll be able to enjoy the financial fruits of your labor with much less actual labor involved.

    Give you Peace of Mind

    One of the best things about hiring a dedicated property management company is that you know they have the experience and ability to take care of your property, even in your absence. A property management company allows you to invest in properties wherever you choose and know that they’re being taken care of with care and professionalism. You won’t have to worry about destructive tenants, panicked middle-of-the-night phone calls, missed rent payments, or inaccurate records.

    Want to learn more about our Oklahoma City property management company and how we can help you take the stress out of renting your property? Call us today at Elite Real Estate and Leasing 405-285-2635. We help property owners in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Moore, and the rest of the OKC metro area with their property needs. Contact us today to learn about our competitive rates and services, or follow us on Facebook or Google+ to see more helpful advice and information.

  • How Tenant Screening Protects Your Oklahoma City Rental Home

    There are many great things about owning and operating a rental home in Oklahoma City, but tenants aren’t always one of them. A good tenant can make being a landlord or property owner simple and even enjoyable, but a bad tenant can fill your days with stress, headaches and financial problems. That’s why Elite Real Estate takes a thorough approach to tenant screening for all the Oklahoma City rental homes we manage.

    Rental Home Screening

    Our property owners and investors frequently ask us about our tenant screening process and how it helps them. We’ve compiled and answered some of these frequently asked questions so you can rest assured your rental home is in good hands with an Elite tenant.

    Q: Why does Elite screen tenants?
    A: We screen tenants to protect you and your property. A risky or irresponsible tenant can pose many problems to a landlord or property manager, including not paying rent on time, causing damage to the property, or abandoning their lease. Tenant screening helps protect you from these problems by removing potentially risky tenants from consideration before they move in to your property.

    Q: What do you consider when you screen tenants?
    A: Elite’s tenant screening process is comprehensive and very detailed. We look at several sources of information to make sure any potential tenant poses little risk. When we screen tenants for your Oklahoma City rental home, we consider:

    • The applicant’s credit score and credit history
    • The applicant’s employment and income
    • The applicant’s past and current rental history
    • Financial and criminal background checks on the applicant


    This information allows us to paint a detailed picture of the applicant and how they would perform as a tenant in your property.

    Q: Do you look at credit reports for tenant applicants?
    A: Yes, Elite does consider a potential tenant’s credit score and credit history as reported by credit reporting bureaus. If we reject a client based on their credit score or credit history, we also send the required “adverse action” letter to the applicant detailing the reason they were denied in their rental application.

    Q: Do you talk to an applicant’s previous landlords?
    A: Yes, Elite contacts listed landlords for an applicant to verify that the tenant treated the property well and cared for it like it was their own home. We also verify with the previous landlords that the tenant was never evicted, never abandoned their lease, had a good rent payment history, and left the property in good condition when their rental ended.

    Q: Do you keep written records of tenant applications and screening decisions?
    A: Absolutely. The Elite team is careful to provide detailed documentation to property owners on the tenants that rent a property. We also keep documentation on rejected tenants to protect ourselves and you from lawsuits or other legal action. Our team is always careful to act in the best interests of our investors and their properties.

    Q: Do you ever make exceptions in the tenant screening process?
    A: Every applicant who applies to rent your property is screened equally and held to the same standard. At Elite, we are very careful to hold ourselves to Fair Housing standards and never reject tenants for reasons that could be considered discriminatory. We’re very knowledgeable on housing laws and tenant screening, so you can be sure any tenant that we approve will be a good one.

    If you want to learn more about Elite Real Estate’s tenant screening process or any of our other property management services, contact us today. We can answer all your questions and set your mind at ease. There’s a reason we’re one of Oklahoma City’s most trusted rental home managers - we do great work for our property owners! Call us today at 405-285-2635 or follow us on Facebook and Google+ to learn more about our services and competitive property management rates.

  • Why Home Rentals are Becoming More Popular in Oklahoma City

    Should I buy a house or rent? This question has vexed people in the housing market for years, but new reports show that the answer for many is changing. In the past buying a home was seen as the only option for most people seeking housing. However, the increased flexibility and simplicity of renting a house has made it more popular in recent years. This is a great time to be a property owner, as renting is only becoming more popular and acceptable.

    OKC Home Rentals

    Why People Choose to Rent

    There are plenty of reasons more people are becoming tenants rather than homeowners. For first-time buyers, the barriers to entry for buying a home are bigger than they have been in many years.

    After the housing crisis, the real estate market rebounded quickly, but wages and job creation bounced back slower. This created a gap between the cost of housing and the ability of new homeowners to afford it. The result is clear: according to the U.S. Census Bureau, only about 36 percent of people under 35 are homeowners.

    In contrast to buying a home, renting has several advantages to these younger buyers. These advantages include:

    • Rentals are more affordable than up-front home costs: Compared to down payments, closing costs, and mortgage, insurance, and tax payments, a rental home is a more affordable option with a lower barrier to entry.
    • Rental homes are more flexible: Buying a home is a serious commitment to an area and a lifestyle that many young or first-time home buyers aren’t willing to make. Rental homes allow them to live in comfort without the obligation of a mortgage.
    • Tenants have fewer responsibilities: Compared to being a homeowner, it’s much simpler to rent a home. Home owners have to pay for maintenance costs, home insurance, property taxes, and more. Plus, the labor and time involved with home upkeep can be a major commitment. In contrast, renting allows tenants to pass most of those time and financial obligations off to the property manager or landlord.
    • Rentals often include utility expenses: In many cases, landlords choose to include some low-cost utilities such as water or gas in the rent. This simplifies the bill-paying process for the tenant each month and could also save them money on their utility bills.
    • Rentals don’t carry equity: This might seem like a reason not to rent a home, but for some the lack of equity in a rental house is a good thing. Because a rental doesn’t carry equity, there’s no chance that a renter will lose their investment. A home that loses value can become an anchor on your credit, but a rental doesn’t affect anything as long as the terms of the lease are met.
    • Renting doesn’t have a stigma any more: In the past home rentals were looked at as a less-desirable alternative to buying a home. Today, renting doesn’t carry that negative connotation - many people choose to rent for their own reasons, not just because they can’t afford a home.

    The upswing in rentals has also made it a good time to be a property investor or landlord. For many renters, the choice to rent a home is not based just in their finances but in their lifestyle and goals. This gives property owners access to tenants with good credit histories and the ability to care for the property like it’s their own home.

    However, being a landlord is not all fun and games. Even with a good tenant, it’s time consuming and stressful to manage a property yourself. Inspections, maintenance, and paperwork can take up much more time than many inexperienced landlords are prepared for. As for property investors with multiple rental homes, trying to manage them all without help is an exercise in futility.

    That’s where property management companies can help. At Elite Real Estate, we manage rental homes in Oklahoma City on behalf of landlords and property owners. We collect the rent, handle tenant screenings and placement, market your vacant or soon-to-be vacant properties, and deal with all the maintenance and tenant requests. This gives you time to focus on your other work and enjoy the benefits of property investment without the headaches.

    Contact Elite Real Estate today to learn more about our competitive rates and services. It’s never been a better time to be a rental home owner - see why when you work with Elite!

  • Single Story For Rent/Lease in Frisco Ridge

    Spacious Home . . Yukon Schools

    • 1,914 sq. ft., 3 bath, 3 bdrm single story - $1,695.00 Monthly - Deposit $1,695

     -  Available 8/28/2014. DO NOT DISTURB OCCUPANTS. 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 3 car garage, 1,914 sq. ft. (est.), built in 2006 in the Frisco Ridge Addition. Spacious home with fireplace, wood floors in living & formal dining, crown molding. Kitchen has center island, walk-in pantry, pot filler, gas stove & eating area. Master suite has double vanity and full bath. Large utility room with sink and lots of storage. Covered front porch, fenced yard, big covered patio, sprinkler system & professionally landscaped.
    To view this home, please call (405) 313-6820 or (405) 285-2635 (office) or rentals@elitereandleasing.com (email). Visit our Website at: www.RentalHousesOKC.com.
    Available Monday thru Saturday to Show.
    Rent: $1,695. Deposit: $1,695. Pet Deposit: $300-$500 per pet - No Cats.
    Appliances: Dishwasher, microwave, stove
    Interior: Fireplace, some wood floors, formal dining, crown molding, center island, walk-in pantry, pot filler, large utility w/storage
    Exterior: Fenced yard, covered patio, covered porch
    Mechanical: Garage door lift, Underground Sprinkler, Security System
    Energy: Fireplace Insert, Programmable Thermostat
    Directions: W. on Yukon’s Main St past Garth Brooks to Frisco Ridge, S. to Swingman Rd.

    Property information

  • Single Story For Sale in Fenwick Gardens

    2014-07-23 15.35.45 (1024x549)
    One Owner Custom in Fenwick! Upgrades!

    • 3,423 sq. ft., 4 bath, 4 bdrm single story - SALE PENDING $345,000

     -  Beautiful Custom One Owner w/ lots of upgrades! 2 master suites or 2nd living with attached full bath and walk-in closet, walk-in closets w built-ins in each room, 4'' wood shutters thruout, separate office, spacious kitchen w/ plentiful storage and walk-in pantry, granite & solid surface countertops, island, crown thruout, linen storage everywhere, large covered patio, backyard backs up to greenbelt, built-ins in living & office, sprinklers, intercom/security system, surround sound in living and on back patio. Ceiling Fans thru-out, mature landscaping, 3 car spacious garage, backyard open to greenbelt, neighborhood pools and recreational facilities, tile & carpet, island, wine rack & double ovens in kitchen, all walk-in closets have built-in storage, stained wood trim and cabinetry, walk- in lighted pantry, oil rubbed bronze fixtures and hardware, beamed ceiling in kitchen, large eat-at bar, tall windows, 4 burner gas stove, masonry split block fireplace w/ gas log insert, built-in shelves and entertainment in living room, built-in shelves in office, master suite offers an oversized jetted tub, separate large shower, walk-in closet with built-ins and floor to ceiling storage, double sinks, make-up vanity area, and medicine cabinets hidden behind the mirrors, hand-stained wall finished thru out. Edmond school district!

    Property information

  • 1 1/2 Story For Sale in Muirfield

    16269 Scotland Way-1
    Stunning Muirfield Village Home!

    • 4,100 sq. ft., 4 bath, 4 bdrm 1 1/2 story - $819,900

     -  Stunning Muirfield Village home on charming corner lot across from the pool and clubhouse! Handscraped wood floors thruought, fabulous lighting and chandeliers and distinctive granites used. Entryway showcases a concave style ceiling with wrought iron door, Living room is open w/ cathedral ceiling and brick fireplace with contemporary glass insert. A grand kitchen includes a spacious center island, Kitchen Aid appliances, 6 burner gas cook top, spacious cabinetry, wine cooloer, built-in cabinet front fridge, seperate icemaker, walk-in pantry with floor to ceiling shelving, and wine storage. 3 large bedrooms and 2.5 baths down stairs, 1 large bedroom, cinema room w/ theatre seating and full bath upstairs. This home has high-end Energy Efficiency. LOW UTILITIY BILLS! High seer rating heat and air, foam sprayed insulation for noise reduction and extremely thick insulating factors. A Bill Roberts Custom! Master Suite offers a doorway to the covered and secluded patio, wood floors, chandelier, tall ceilings w/ crown, and a master bath to suite the pickiest of tastes including double marble vanities, whirlpool tub w/ chandelier, two walk-in closets, walk-in shower, & large mirrors. Central Vac, private villa style backyard with masonry fencing and wrought iron gates. Emeral green fescue and professional lush landscaping encase the brick & stone exterior of this charming home! Wood shutters thrughout, spacious walk-in closets thruout, office w/ built in bookcases, formal and kitchen dining are open to the living for easy entertaining, water softener, alarm system, and plentiful storage in the utility room w/ sink. elegant double landing stairwell with wrought iron railing, sprinkler system, and plenty of windows for those wanting natural sunlight thruout. DON'T MISS THIS ONE! PRESTIGOUS COMMUNITY

    Property information

  • 2 Story For Sale in Stone Valley Ranch I

    DSC02276 (1024x683)
    Stunning Home on 1 acre - Custom Touches

    • 4,205 sq. ft., 5 bath, 5 bdrm 2 story - $550,000

     -  5 bedrooms, 3 full baths & 2 half baths, study, Theater/game room upstairs, 2 dining, 3 car garage, 4,205 sq. ft. (est.), built in 2008 on 1 acre lot with a view of the pond from backyard. Stone Valley Ranch addition. *ALSO FOR RENT: $3,500.00 PER MONTH. Many custom features, granite thru-out, crown molding, wired for surround sound upstairs & down, giant windows all around the house, hardwood flooring in formal dining & entry, carpet in living areas & bedrooms, tile in kitchen & baths. Living has gas fireplace & built-ins. Study has built-in desk & bookshelves. Huge open kitchen with JennAire appliances, double ovens w/convection, gas cooktop w/grill & pot filling spout, 2 dishwashers (1 is double drawer dishwasher & 1 is full-sized), island w/vegetable sink, breakfast bar, walk-in pantry. Walk-in closets in 3 bedrooms, including huge one in master. 3 tubs (all have whirlpool jets). Large master w/huge walk-in closet w/built-in dresser, separate his & hers sinks, walk-in shower, huge whirlpool garden tub. Large laundry room w/sink & built-in storage. Tons of storage thru-out house. Large upstairs carpeted & covered patio, downstairs covered patio, both with great views of the pond, gas hook-up for grill, Rainbird sprinkler system (runs off the well), Storm Shelter. Tankless hot water heater, well, aerobic Septic system, 3 a/c units (2 down & 1 upstairs), gas heaters, Cox & ATT hookups, OG&E SmartHours installed, security system, smoke alarm. Edmond Schools (Centennial, Sequoyah, Edmond North). School bus pick up in front of house.

    Appliances: JennAire appliances, double ovens w/convection, gas cooktop w/grill & pot filling spout, 2 dishwashers (1 is double drawer dishwasher & 1 is full-sized)
    Interior: Granite thru-out, crown molding, some hardwoods, built-ins thru-out, fireplace, island, pantry, breakfast bar, walk-in closets, whirlpool tubs, laundry room
    Exterior: Large upstairs carpeted & covered patio, downstairs covered patio, both with great views of the pond, gas hook-up for grill, Rainbird sprinkler system (runs off the well), Storm Shelter, Well, Aerobic Septic system.
    Mechanical: Garage door lift, Cox & ATT hookups, security system, smoke alarm.
    Energy: OG&E SmartHours installed, Tankless hot water heater
    Directions: I-35 N. to Waterloo, go E. to Midwest Blvd, go S to Stone Valley Ranch entrance.

    Property information

  • Single Story For Rent/Lease in Quail Ridge

    Corner Lot, Moore Schools

    • 1,569 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm single story - $1,225.00 Monthly - Deposit $1,225

     -  Available 8/8/2014. DO NOT DISTURB OCCUPANTS. 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1569 sq ft (est.), 2 car garage, built in 1996 on a corner lot in the Quail Ridge Addition. Open floor plan, fireplace, 10’ ceilings in kitchen/dining areas, master suite has a separate tub & shower; double vanity & walk-in closet, utility room. Fenced yard with a covered patio. Moore Schools.
    To view this home, please call (405) 313-6820 or (405) 285-2635 (office) or rentals@elitereandleasing.com (email). Visit our Website at: www.RentalHousesOKC.com.
    Available Monday thru Saturday to Show.
    Rent: $1,225. Deposit: $1,225. Pet Deposit: $300-$500 per pet - No Cats.
    Appliances: Stove, dishwasher
    Interior: Fireplace, 10’ ceilings
    Exterior: Fenced yard, covered patio, corner lot
    Directions: Off of S. Bryant turn W. on SE 37th St, S. on Hope Dr, W. on SE 38th St, N on Harmony Dr

    Property information

  • 3508 N Thompkins Ave in Allen Stanton is Sold!


    Allen Stanton, Bethany  -  The single story at 3508 N Thompkins Ave has been sold.

    Property information

  • 16209 Katie Ridge Drive in Fossil Creek is Sold!


    Fossil Creek, Edmond  -  The single story at 16209 Katie Ridge Drive has been sold.

    Property information

  • Single Story For Rent/Lease in Cherokee Hills

    New Paint & Carpet - Putnam City Schools

    • 1,061 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm single story - $1,050.00 Monthly - Deposit $1,050

     -  Available now. 3 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, 2 car garage, 1,061 sq. ft. (est.), built in 1960 in the Cherokee Hills addition. New carpet & paint, stainless steel appliances, lots of storage. Fenced yard with a large covered patio. Putnam City Schools.
    To view this home, please call (405) 313-6820 or (405) 285-2635 (office) or rentals@elitereandleasing.com (email). Visit our Website at: www.RentalHousesOKC.com.
    Available Monday thru Saturday to Show.
    Rent: $1,050 Deposit: $1,050 Pets - maybe $300-$500 Deposit per pet.
    Appliances: Smooth cooktop, built-in oven, microwave, dishwasher
    Exterior: Fenced yard, covered patio
    Directions: From NW 63rd go N. on N. MacArthur Blvd, E on NW 66th St.

    Property information

  • Single Story For Sale in Coffee Creek

    Lake front - Storm Shelter

    • 2,123 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm single story - $231,000

     -  3112 Longmeadow, Edmond 73003 – $231,000
    This immaculate lake front home with 3 bedrooms plus Study, bright and open floor plan, located one house away from the pool, gym, basketball court, and park. The amenities also include a storm shelter, jacuzzi tub and double sided fireplace. Call Ty Weston for Showing 405-823-0061

    Property information

  • Single Story For Rent/Lease in Post Oak

    New Carpet in Bdrms. .Close to Tinker AF

    • 1,248 sq. ft., 2 bath, 4 bdrm single story - $895.00 Monthly - Deposit: $895

     -  Available: 8/1/2014. DO NOT DISTURB OCCUPANTS. 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1 living, 1 dining, no garage, 1,248 sq. ft. (est.), built in 1999 in the Post Oak addition. Great floor plan and finishes. New carpet in all bedrooms. Great front porch, fenced backyard with storage shed. Neighborhood park close by. Close to Tinker AFB.
    To view this home, please call (405) 313-6820 or (405) 285-2635 (office) or rentals@elitereandleasing.com (email). Visit our Website at: www.RentalHousesOKC.com.
    Available Monday thru Saturday to Show.
    Rent: $895. Deposit: $895. Pet Deposit: $300-$500 per pet - No Cats.
    Appliances: Dishwasher, Stove
    Exterior: Fenced yard, storage shed, front porch
    Directions: Off of NE 10th Street go N. on N Post Road to Caton Place, E. on Caton, S. on Patricia Drive

    Property information

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